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Websites & Shops

During this pandemic period, I am offering special rates for building your online presence. I your are considering opening an online presence, or simply want a redo, I'm here to offer you my help to get your business up and running. Sit back, relax and breathe... 

Website Maintenance

Don't want to maintain your own site? Most website owners don't.  Don't allow your website to sit idle without someone to look after it. Maybe you feel your website has gone stale and needs a face lift or if you hold regular events, have a shop or booking services, you'll need regular updates. 

I offer full service maintenance for reasonable requests.  





Train Your Copywriting Muscle

One of the most important things you can learn for your business is copywriting. Why? Because every single business owner needs to become good at communicating with their readers or they need to hire someone.


The Art of Persuasion

Learn how to persuade others to want your product and services is that you must be able to speak the language of your client niche so they'll want more. Your language needs to be clear, effective, and authentic. 


Share What

You Know

You probably know more than you think you do. Just like most people who have a passion for a topic. Your knowledge was acquired simply from reading, experiencing the problems and solutions,  Your knowledge and experiences are cumulative and valuable!

Become Your Brand

You may be wondering, what does it mean? Become your brand? It simply means that to promote your brand, you need to truly live it and be it. Okay, you don't really have to become your brand, but your business must represent the branding you've created for it, and if the business is known due to your influence, it'll work out better if your personalities match. This is especially true for online businesses. 


Build Your List

With Content

List building is an important part of building a successful business today. Whether the business is online or offline, bricks and mortar or completely digital doesn’t matter. Every business needs to focus on list building to ensure they have an active and responsive audience that is building so that they can keep their business going and even somewhat predict their income as time moves forward.

Get Your Ducks
in a Row

First, don't worry. You got this. You can legitimize your business now, and it's not that hard to accomplish. Just slightly confusing if you haven't ever done it. After you do set everything up right, you'll be able to sleep at night knowing it's all legit and appropriately done according to the law. Keep in mind that the information given is regarding the USA; however, most countries have similar rules and regulations. Although, some of the terminologies may be different in other countries.

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