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Build Your   Copywriting   Muscle

One of the most important things you can learn for your business is copywriting. Why? Because every single business owner needs to become good at copywriting or they need to hire someone. Even if you're going to hire someone, you need to understand what good copywriting is, and what it is not.

When you realize how important copywriting is for your business today and in the future, you'll realize how important it is to learn what you can about it even if you're going to ultimately outsource the work. The only way to know if outsourced work is good or not is to truly understand the concept behind copywriting and why it's important for your business.

You can stop worrying about constant content creation

Build Your Copywriting Muscle will show you how important your copywriting is and how you can improve it to get more sales.

I'll share helpful tips and advice and daily support emails  that will show you how to use new content and provide a path you can apply to any content you will be writing in the future. If you work the challenge, you will succeed in improving your copywriting skills. 

Reach Out and Grow Your List


You'll receive: 
30 days of challenges 

30 days of emails

(with tips, technique or strategy)

e-Book and Workbook

Facebook support group

(with daily motivational support posts)


1. Welcome & Why Copywriting is important

2. Why Every Business Owner Needs to Become a Good Copywriter

3. Copywriting is Not Just for Sales Pages

4. The Basic Rules of Copywriting to Follow

5. Do you Have Copy Swipe Files?

6. Get Feedback From Other Copywriters

7. Use A-B Split Tests to Improve Your Copy


8. How to Write High Converting Headlines

9. Why Its Important to Invest In Your Copywriting Skills

10. Good Copy Becomes Great During Editing

11. Read These 4 Blogs to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

12. 5 Great Books on Copywriting That are Worth Reading

13. To Get Better at Copywriting, You Have to Write Copy

14. What You Need to Know About Crafting a Great Hook


15. Let's Talk Features & Benefits

16. To Write Great Copy, Be Crystal Clear on Who You are Writing For

17. The Best Copy Won't Do You Much Good Unless You Ask for the Sale

18. What Makes a Great CTA and How to Craft One

19. Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines

 20. How to Use Urgency to Write Copy That Converts

21. Why You Should Spend More Time Tweaking Your Headline


22. Copywriting Tips for Email

23. Copywriting Tips for Facebook Ads

24. How Copywriting Can Help Improve Your Social Media Presence

25. Include Good Copy Writing in Your Content

26. Writing Copy for Good Results Your Client Needs. 

27. Get Attention by Poking Pain Points

28. Should You Write Your Headlines First or Last

29. Don't Be Afraid to Use Storytelling 

30. Recap 30 Days of Copywriting 

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