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Trust the Process 

Hold on to your Vision 
Remember your Why 

Get Rid of Excuses 
Shift Away from Obstacles


Hi, I'm Sylvie

Coach Sylvie

Online Business Development Coach with

20+ Years of Professional Experience.

The way we work at our jobs in the office has been changing for years, but now the shift to work to a virtual environment has been rapidly accelerated by the current pandemic in the US and around the world. Many of you are now considering creating an online presence. I'm here to offer you my help to get it up and running. 

Think of me as your personal & business development coach while helping you through the process of establishing your online presence with lots of self-care. My mission is to teach you how to reach out to the digital world using online tools so that you can eventually self-manage your online presence. You can also choose one of my website maintenance packages so you can focus your energy on running your business. 


So many of us have a mission to do good and change the world view wherever we can. For myself, I wanted to find a way to integrate both my personal development coaching and techie expertise, knowledge and skills into a multi-service holistic lifestyle and business coaching career. This resulted in the birth of Tools for Health Coaches™, J.B. Design Creations™ and Plant-based Lifestyle Transition Coach™ 

I've worked with clients who are health coaches, educators, performing artists, artisans and non-profit organizations from the US, UK and EU. I work directly with you, so rest assured that you will have my undivided attention. As a health-conscious solopreneur, it is my preferred way of working with you. I take you through the process, one goal, one step at a time, and help you release any overwhelm into deep breathing exercises. I work at a pace that feels comfortable to you.


Book a coaching session with me and let's talk about how I can help you. References available. Referrals are always appreciated. 



Website, Blog,

Social Media,

Brand Development,

 Simple Landing Page

Public Profile



  Content Development, Chatbox, Copywriting, List BuildingEmail & Autoresponders,



Booking Service, Online Meetings, Virtual Lessons, Programs, Services, Opt-In Incentives,

Smooth Experience

Your Programs


Digital Delivery 

Drip Document Delivery, Email, Auto-Responders,

Store, Payment Processing,

Digital storage

Sylvie cares: she cares about quality, service and excellence. She was not content with boilerplate presence or content. Her process involved getting me to commit my all so that she could commit her all to develop a personal and professional platform that truly represents our commitment to transparency and to the well-being of all who seek better living for themselves and in our involvement with them. When properly done, this process isn’t easy. it requires hard work, soul-searching and self-searching on both my side and Sylvie’s, with Sylvie as the creator of that public first impression to the cyber-world of strangers.

In my opinion, she did a marvelous job, of both creating the websites and facilitating the creative process necessary to succeed. Kudos. Kudos to character, integrity and excellence.

Sylvie is bright, creative and ethical, obsessively caring about others and about professionalism, yours and hers. Her quest is transparent: to develop products and services that help others help themselves clarify their mission and market it with integrity.


Many others can sell you product and or services. Few if any, can combine both, with your well-being as her primary concern. Her products and service are beyond reproach. She won’t have it any other way.

Gary S. Grossman Ph.D., CA-US

I would highly recommend Sylvie as a web designer. She did a wonderful job at building the website for my business, working with me every step of the way. What was great, was Sylvie’s candid yet supportive approach and the way she went through everything with me, explaining, in detail, things that I did not understand. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise which she brings to her work so you know your business is in great hands. There was always excellent communication throughout the whole process and the follow up care after my website was built covered aspects I would never even have thought of. 


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