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"Follow Your Bliss" 

- Joseph Campbell day I decided to take action and the background in this photograph is as close to the manifestation of the vision I carried with me for several years. This is the view as I work from my laptop. I took the steps I needed and after that a whole new energy evolved and moved me closer to my vision...I followed my bliss...

Following my bliss . . .


It was a forced semi-retirement, a.k.a. “lay-off” from a large corporation that provided me with the mixed blessing of re-inventing a career and livelihood. In hindsight, the loss of a job that I absolutely loved has been one of the most humbling and profound life experiences! Instinctively, before I would be able to move on with life, I knew that allowing time to grieve and letting go was an important part of a process I needed to consciously travel through. Simple kernels of wisdom received from friends such as "Never place your eggs in one basket" and "When one door closes, another one opens" have been helpful and am immensely grateful for this. These adages are so very true. 

It is the intangible support I’ve received in multitude ways these past few years, which have lifted my spirits, created positive energy and reinforced my belief in the genuine meaning of friendship and community. 

My past career includes technology system software training, troubleshooting, program and document development and a good number of years as a travel and meeting planner for large corporations. From the Middle East to Asia, I handled very complex global accounts as well as training of personnel.  All this required attention to detail, combined with good intuitive social and emotional intelligence skills, a good dose of humor, equipped with lots of patience and a healthy dose of solid business acumen. All of which provided me with the ability to create above and beyond relationships with clients.
The online world of networking was never a stranger because of the type of work I did. In my previous career, I communicated with clients from all over the world daily and so jumping directly into the job of developing an online business networking community was the natural next step. In 2008 social media was just beginning to take off and I connected with the numerous techie friends who early on had embraced that the notion of building high quality business relationships on the web can be nurtured using online engagement platforms with integrity, transparency and ethics. 

Personally, the whole experience of watching entrepreneurial (many of them "mompreneurs") communities from all over the world grow online business presence with success, was a phenomenal one. It was all very exciting to watch it unfold and evolve into what it is today. I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to participate in this techie world. So many of us have a mission to do good and change the world view wherever we can. For myself, this meant that I needed to find a way to integrate all my expertise, knowledge and skills into a multi-service holistic lifestyle and business coaching career. So, I launched Tools for Health Coaches™ several years ago and am on a mission to teach other health coaches how to reach out to others using online tools.  My passion for plantbased living and the desire to coach you through the transition process led me to launch several plantbased transition coaching programs at

When life hands you lemons...Make lemonade...
...And trust me, I've made many jugs of lemonade...Equipped with a passion for technology, healthy living and cooking, my website was given a home to grow my passions into an online business presence when I decided to invest in myself and my business. Having already established my online presence, this site was created to serve as my permanent online home. It integrates harmoniously with my mission of being of service while fulfilling the need to make a living using multiple skills.

I've devoted most of my time building my online presence while also volunteering for non-profit organizations, creating a similar presence for them so that their very important messages could be broadcast to the wider community. 
Self-care and following my bliss...
Recently I decided to make my vision of working on my laptop while in my pj's or bathing suit, with a view of the sea as a backdrop, a reality. I was working nearly 12 hours per day and not getting much closer to the image of a vision I had been carrying around in my head and vision board for years. Then one day I decided to act and the photograph above is the view as I work from my laptop. This image says it all about the ability to drive our own destiny. To be clear, for those who think this is out of their reach, I did this with minimal funds and the willingness to let go of attachment to "stuff". I only needed to pack my bag with the clothes I needed. Once my mind was made up, I took the steps I needed and after that a whole new energy evolved and I knew that this is what "following one's bliss" means... I believe that having a personal life coach was the primary key to my own personal development. Doing the internal work is a crucial component on the road to a healthy lifestyle. 

To your success and well-being!

With love,


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