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My Mission... Pay it Forward.

You're a health and wellness provider and you need a program, or maybe several? You are looking for coach to client programs that are professionally designed, simple for your clients to follow and an affordable investment for you, and ultimately for your client. You also want private labeling rights, i.e. brand them with your logo and edit them and make them yours. I release a limited amount of my programs to avoid an overabundance within the coaching market. You'll be just one of a few who will have the license to sell them to your coaching clients and you can sell them to as many coaching clients you want. My ready to deliver programs are available with a very affordable monthly membership fee. My goal is to reach coaches whose mission matches mine. If you don't want programs with all the "bells & whistles" but genuinely want to educate an under-served population, my programs are for you. Let me explain...


​Why have I designed my programs this way?

​Imagine being a client who purchased your program, is enthusiastic and then realizes that the program includes items and ingredients that are not only expensive but completely foreign to your client. As a lifestyle transition coach, I don't buy into the model that tells clients that an investment into these products, i.e. "essential oils", expensive powders, pro-biotic supplements, will be worth it in the long run. Why add costly ingredients into the mix? As health coaches we know the benefits of tongue scrapers or dry brushing our skin but are these necessary when you have a client who has very little idea of where to begin their journey to well-being? My focus is on educating clients about the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle that includes a simple approach -  "Eat food, not much, mostly plants", exercise, relieve stress...  (Quote borrowed from Michael Pollan) Your target niche may be something completely different so I offer a variety of coaching programs that include meditation, emotional wellness, coaching limited belief systems, mindset reset and an overall positive approach to well-being. 

I'm one that believes an investment into a few tools to begin with are all your client will need. As much as possible, whole, un-processed, plant-based food suggestions and your coaching guidance are two of the most important ingredients needed to get your client onto a path of healthy living. However, it is not only your coaching, but specifically the client's desire that will be the primary driver towards making positive changes. Remember, that you work with people who are generally healthy with mild health concerns such as sugar, fat and salt cravings, headaches and fatigue. It is not our job to suggest anything other than to help them design a plan, one that they've created with our guidance as coaches and mentors. It is then your client's job to commit to that plan whole-heartedly and with a passion that will lead them to success. It is our job to support our them through this journey, to show up for them through their successes and failures.


Who is your ideal client?

Most likely someone who has a borderline lifestyle illness and wants to learn how to apply the coaching skills you'll teach within their own lives. Unless you are specifically targeting an upscale market, many of your potential clients already accept the science validating living healthy lifestyles along with a deep desire for change but they are genuinely struggling with the question of affordability. Many are surprised, then disappointed, that many of the programs require additional spending on costly tools and ingredients they've never heard of. Your potential clients are genuinely looking for SIMPLE, do-able and affordable coaching programs and most of all, your experience. They've tried transitioning on their own but are not finding the important support needed within their own environment and want someone to champion their efforts and hold them accountable. As coaches, having gone through the process ourselves, we absolutely know the difficulty of transitioning to healthier lifestyle. I'm the first to admit that I regress at times while intellectually knowing that it is of no benefit to my well-being. We. Know.This. So why are we placing so much of the emphasis on our programs and not our experience as a coach? Promote YOU, the program and its delivery of the process is very important but it is secondary. Your client's desire, ability to open up to mindset change, plus your support and guidance will inevitably equal success for both your client and you as their coach. 

How I Design My Programs

​I don't create complicated, difficult to adhere to, coaching programs. Simplicity built into coaching programs have a high rate of success. A client is much more likely to build lifetime skills such as the habit and mindset changes required with an easy to adhere to program. Once habit and mindset changes become the lifestyle, I assure you that your client will continue to make life changing wellness decisions going forward and for the rest of their lives. If they desire further coaching, you can then ease them into a program that will require a deeper understanding of the process. After all, it takes at least 6 months to a year to make habits stick. A follow up contact after client finishes a program is crucial and more often than not, your client will be back for more. 

I created these programs for coaches just like you. I firmly believe that many of the DFY coaching programs out there are saturated with what someone who lives in a mainstreamed world considers to be "way too much trouble" or even "weird" - and they've not been advised that they, with your guidance, are in charge of how to implement the program. As a result they don't stick to the plan, feel they've wasted their money and go back to their unhealthy lifestyle habits! Mindset changes begin with taking baby steps plus commitment. For many that takes a few bumps before they "get" that genuine change needs a powerful commitment and paradigm switch. All my content is vetted and sourced for accuracy with experts. 

My programs are easily adaptable for those clients who live with the ambiguity of an uncertain economy, have very little time and can't afford big ticket coaching programs. Yet, they desperately need and want a coaching program that will help them create lifestyle habits and mindset changes that last. They know that they can't do it on their own and need your support. Skills they can pass on to their children, partners and community. My coaching programs are perfect for those coaches who want programs that are a good fit for community wellness centers, faith-based institutions, parent wellness education programs, meditation centers and gyms. 


​I created my programs with the knowledge that we are living in an era where social inequality is so prevalent, where too many children live in poverty, where too many live in food deserts and where too many suffer with lifestyle illnesses that are reversible but access to healthy and whole foods is limited or non-existent. This is why I donate a significant amount to organizations who service the needs of these communities. I encourage you to do so as well. It is one way of promoting our mission as health coaches. We want to change the landscape of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. It can't be only for those who can afford it. 

If you are a coach with a social conscience,  whose mission includes one that help to reduce the inequities so many families struggle with and believe that you are part of the solution, then my Done For You programs are for you. Contact me here



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